KS 10K Cast Iron Lift/Vertical Check Valve



Parts Name Materials
Body、Bonnet GC200
Disc GC200
Stem STS420J1
Seat Ring ZHMn58-2-2


Vertical Check Valve SIZE 1 1/2"-12" PN10K


Product Details
Lift/Vertical Check Valve SIZE 1 1/2"-12" PN10K

Vertical check valves are widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, environmental protection, urban construction, etc., in various pipelines that need to prevent medium backflow.

The three-dimensional check valve can be divided into flange and clamp, and has the characteristics of simple structure, few components, and light weight. Vertical check valves are mainly used in various working conditions that require the prevention of medium backflow.

Packing & Delivery

We use wooden boxes and pallets for packaging, and the valves will be wrapped in bubble film plastic bags to ensure maximum product safety. We support sea transportation, and products can also be shipped to any port you specify.

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