KS Stainlees Steel Middle Flange Check Valve



Technical Requirement:

Design and Manufacture: KS B 2361;

Face to Face: KS B 2361;

Flange End: KS B 2361;

Test: KS B 2304;


Parts Name Materials
Body、Bonnet SCS13
Disc SCS13
Pin STS304
Gasket PTFE



Swing Check Valve H44 SIZE 2"-12" PN10K/20k


Product Details
Swing Check Valve H44 SIZE 2"-12" PN10K/20k

Installation of stainless steel check valve

1. Both ends of this check valve passage must be blocked and stored in a dry and ventilated room. If stored for a long time, it is necessary to regularly check for rust prevention and corrosion.


2. Before installation, the check valve should be cleaned thoroughly and any defects caused during transportation should be eliminated.


3. During installation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the markings and nameplates on the check valve meet the usage requirements.


4. This check valve is installed on a horizontal pipeline with the valve cover facing upwards.


Application of stainless steel check valves

Stainless steel check valves are widely used in industries such as power plants, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food.

Packing & Delivery

We use wooden boxes and pallets for packaging, and the valves will be wrapped in bubble film plastic bags to ensure maximum product safety. We support sea transportation, and products can also be shipped to any port you specify.

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