Welded Flange


Butt Welding flange is a type of pipe fitting, which refers to a flange with a neck and a circular pipe transition and connected to the pipe by butt welding.

Butt welded flanges are not easily deformed, have good sealing, and are widely used, with corresponding requirements for rigidity and elasticity. Reasonable thinning and transition of butt welding, with a large distance between the welding junction and the joint surface, ensuring that the joint surface is free from welding temperature deformation. It adopts a relatively complex trumpet shaped structure and is suitable for pipelines with significant fluctuations in pressure or temperature, as well as pipelines with high, high, and low temperatures. It is generally used for connecting pipelines and valves with PN greater than 2.5MPa; It is also used on pipelines that transport expensive, flammable, and explosive media.

Product Details

Butt welding flange, as the most commonly used type, is connected to the pipe by butt welding, and the quality of the welded joint is relatively good. Moreover, the neck of the flange uses a taper transition, which can withstand more stringent conditions. The production process is mainly divided into four types: forging, casting, cutting, and rolling.

Executive standard: HG/T20592-2009, GB/T9115.1-2000, JIS B2220-2004, ASME B16.5-2009,

Materials: WCB, LCB,WC3,WC5, WC9,CF8M, CF8, CF3, CF3M, etc.

Work pressure:1.6 MPA~2.5 MPA

Product Size: 2″ – 12″(DN50 ~ DN300)


Mainly used for the conversion connection of valves, equipment, or pipelines with some flange interfaces, it solves the conversion between groove type connection and flange type connection, and the installation is simple and fast.

Packing & Delivery

We use wooden boxes and pallets for packaging, and the valves will be wrapped in bubble film plastic bags to ensure maximum product safety. We support sea transportation, and products can also be shipped to any port you specify.

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