The cross is a connector for a pipe fitting or pipeline, used at the point where the main pipeline needs to branch. Equal diameter cross is a type of cross, which can be divided into two types: general equal diameter cross and differential diameter cross. Named because the four ends can be connected to the pipe.

Equal diameter tee is a type of tee, mainly used at the branch of the main pipeline, and widely used in the construction and maintenance of industries such as petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas, liquefied gas, fertilizers, power plants, nuclear power, shipbuilding, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, food hygiene, urban construction, etc.

In industry, there is a high pressure requirement for this type of pipe fitting, with a maximum pressure of 600 kilograms. In daily life, the pressure of water pipes is relatively low, usually 16 kilograms. Equal diameter cross can be used in various industries and can be divided into the following categories according to different types:

  1. According to material, it can be divided into carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic, argon carbide, ppc, etc
  2. According to the production method, it can be divided into top making, pressing, forging, casting, etc.
  3. According to manufacturing standards, it can be divided into national standards, electrical standards, water standards, American standards, German standards, Japanese standards, Russian standards, etc.
Product Details

Characteristics of equal diameter tee products

1. Connection method

The connection method is integrated hot melt connection, so during burial, it can avoid pipe movement and leakage at the connection due to temperature changes and water hammer phenomenon.

2. Light weight, good softness, and simple construction

The weight of plastic equal diameter tee is 1/20 of that of galvanized steel pipe, easy to handle, and the bending radius is greater than or equal to 6D.

3. Good frost and heat resistance

At -20 ℃, it has good low-temperature impact resistance, and the equal diameter tee will not freeze crack. After thawing, the pipe can recover to its original state and can withstand high temperatures below 100 ℃.

4. Smooth pipe wall without scaling

The inner wall is smooth and can increase water flow by 30% compared to galvanized pipes.

5. Good durability, non-toxic and harmless.

Because it is a high polymer belt polymer, its molecular structure is stable, its service life can reach 50-100 years, and it is non-toxic and harmless.

6. Energy conservation

Good insulation, plastic equal diameter tee can save 30% energy when used for low-temperature ground radiation heating.

7. UV resistant and corrosion resistant

Plastic equal diameter tees are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and microbial invasion, and will not have any impact on water quality.


Forming process: 1/2 "-16" inner bulge cold processing forming; 18 "-48" hot press forming

Size: Seamless 1/2 "-16" (DN15-DN400); Seamed 1/2 "-48" (DN15-DN1200)

Standards: GB/T12459, GB/T13401, SH3408, SH3409, HG/T21635, HG/T21631, ASME B16.9, MSS SP-43, DIN 2615, JIS B2313

Wall thickness: SCH5S-SCH160

Material: stainless steel, nickel copper, carbon steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel


Tee fittings are used in areas where pipelines have branches, and due to their convenience and simplicity, they are widely used in fields such as chemical engineering, civil construction, mechanical manufacturing, and shipbuilding industry. 

Packing & Delivery

We use wooden boxes and pallets for packaging, and the valves will be wrapped in bubble film plastic bags to ensure maximum product safety. We support sea transportation, and products can also be shipped to any port you specify.

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