Flexible Waterproof Sleeves


Sleeves are usually used in building basements, floors, and walls to protect pipelines or facilitate the installation of iron rings.

The classification of sleeves includes rigid sleeves, flexible waterproof sleeves, steel pipe sleeves, and iron sheet sleeves.

Generally, rigid waterproof sleeves are installed through the exterior walls and roofs of buildings; Set general steel sleeves for passing through walls and floors at locations that pass through floors and walls; Install flexible waterproof sleeves through the water tank.

Product Details

Flexible waterproof casing is composed of flange gland, bolts and nuts, which is very different from rigid waterproof casing. The application environment of flexible waterproof casing is very wide, generally in fire water tanks, road crossings, water tanks, and areas where seismic fortification requirements are required for pipeline penetration through walls. In addition, flexible waterproof sleeves can provide better vibration resistance, and the problems of pipeline expansion and deformation can be reasonably solved, providing more perfect protection for the pipeline.、

Filler materials of flexible waterproof casing: asphalt hemp fiber, polystyrene board, PVC foam plastic board.

The weight of the flexible waterproof casing is calculated as L=300. If the wall thickness is greater than 300, it should be calculated separately.

Due to non-standard competition in the market, flexible waterproof sleeves are currently divided into two types: national standard and non-standard. National standard refers to the selection and production of materials according to the relevant 02S404 or 02S312 standard atlas of the Ministry of Construction, with strict requirements for flange thickness, wing ring thickness, pipe diameter, and pipe wall thickness. Make according to the design standard size. Non standard refers to the reduction of flange thickness, wing ring thickness, pipe diameter, and pipe wall thickness in order to reduce weight and cost, in addition to meeting the requirements of the atlas in terms of appearance and approximate structure. Strictly speaking, these are unqualified products. Of course, slightly reducing the thickness and pipe wall dimensions can reduce engineering costs and not affect usage, but to some extent, it affects the performance of the product.

Product Size: DN50~DN1000


Flexible waterproof sleeves are hardware fittings suitable for structures where pipelines pass through walls and are subject to vibration or strict waterproof requirements. Generally, production enterprises manufacture them based on the S312 and 02S404 standard atlas developed and designed by the Institute of Building Science. The wall where the flexible waterproof sleeve penetrates the wall should be changed to a concrete wall if it is not concrete, and the sleeve must be solidified in the wall at once; Flexible waterproof casing is widely used in construction, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage treatment and other units.

Packing & Delivery

We use wooden boxes and pallets for packaging, and the valves will be wrapped in bubble film plastic bags to ensure maximum product safety. We support sea transportation, and products can also be shipped to any port you specify.

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