Expansion joint Series


Expansion joints have high tensile and compressive strength, as well as their soft sealing performance and convenient loading and unloading. They are widely used in industries such as metallurgy, power, chemical, water supply and drainage, and sewage treatment, serving as connections between water pumps, valves, and pipelines. When the pipeline transports the medium, due to the environmental factors and the medium, a phenomenon of Thermal expansion will be formed due to the change of the external temperature and the temperature of the medium itself. However, this change in Thermal expansion will cause certain dimensional changes. 

Product Details

Large expansion capacity, high temperature resistance, and strong compressive area strength. In the construction of building water supply and drainage engineering, basic concrete pouring or pre buried pipelines are used. In the process of these engineering pipelines being affected by building foundation settlement, equipment resonance, geological changes, and changes in pipeline medium, the distribution of pipelines begins to be stressed, deformed, twisted, and damaged. Pre buried pipelines even break, which brings great inconvenience to the construction unit. In order to overcome these difficulties and ensure the safe operation of pipelines, expansion joints are used Expansion joint: It can expand and contract axially within a certain range, overcoming various angles of displacement, misalignment, expansion, and expansion of the pipeline. The pipeline can freely expand and contract in the extender. Exceeding a greater amount of expansion and contraction in one day has its own limiting effect. To ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. 

The construction of each expansion joint is different, but the principle is similar. Generally, expansion joints release shear force through pins, and the number of pins determines the magnitude of the shear force in the expansion joint. If the external force received by the expansion joint is less than the shear force of the pins, the expansion joint also does not play a role. The use of a directional packer can effectively reduce the upward transmission of piston force at the bottom of the tubing string, reduce the force on the upper tubing string of the packer, and reduce its spiral bending degree. Using a combination of directional packers and expansion joints is more effective than simply using

The limited direction packer and the non limited direction packer can better improve the Factor of safety in most working conditions.

Suitable for transporting seawater, fresh water, cold and hot water, drinking water, domestic sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, finished oil, air, gas, temperature not exceeding 205 ℃, single flange limit expansion joint can absorb axial displacement formed by thermal expansion and contraction, and can withstand certain pressure (internal pressure) thrust.
If a certain way of compensation is not taken in time, high stress will be generated in the inner wall of the pipeline. The stress is then transmitted through the pipeline to fixed supports and equipment. When the temperature difference stress is greater than the range borne by the pipeline, it will cause varying degrees of damage to the entire pipeline system.
Expansion joints refer to pipeline compensation joints, which are new products connecting pumps, valves, pipelines and other equipment to pipelines. They are connected by bolts to form a whole and have a certain displacement. They are divided into AY type gland type expansion joints, AF type flange loose sleeve expansion joints, BF type single flange limit expansion joints, B2F type double flange limit expansion joints, BY type gland loose sleeve limit expansion joints, CF single flange force transmission joints, C2F double flange power transmission joint, etc.
Packing & Delivery

We use wooden boxes and pallets for packaging, and the valves will be wrapped in bubble film plastic bags to ensure maximum product safety. We support sea transportation, and products can also be shipped to any port you specify.

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